This mushroom is sold cleaned and weighed raw. It is foraged for locally within a 25mile radius from the farm. It should be boiled for about 10minutes and placed in a pan with butter & cooked until liquids disapear for best flavor. It can then be added to any dish. Egg frittata, sauces, pizzza's, etc.


About "Hen of the Woods" (Excerpt Below From Wikipedia)

Grifola frondosa is a polypore mushroom that grows in clusters at the base of trees, particularly oaks. The mushroom is commonly known among English speakers as hen of the woods, hen-of-the-woods, ram's head and sheep's head. It is typically found in late summer to early autumn. In the United States' supplement market, as well as in Asian grocery stores, the mushroom is known by its Japanese name maitake (舞茸, "dancing mushroom"). Throughout Italian American communities in the northeastern United States, it is commonly known as the signorina mushroom. 


In Japan, the maitake can grow to more than 100 lb (45 kg), earning this giant mushroom the title "king of mushrooms". Maitake is one of the major culinary mushrooms used in Japan, the others being shiitake, shimeji, and enoki. They are used in a wide variety of dishes, often being a key ingredient in nabemono or cooked in foil with butter.

Maitake Mushrooms "Hen of the Woods" - Foraged Wild

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