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Baby Goat Snuggles On The Farm

(Online Booking Only. This Page Is Best Viewed On A Desktop or Laptop Computer.)

Take Advantage of Kidding Season!

Our baby goats won't stay little forever. We have four baby alpine goats available for loads of snuggle time this summer. 

Q & A's


When Do You Offer Snuggle Sessions? 

Please see our ONLINE BOOKING SESSION to choose a time that best suits your needs.

Click Here To Book Online.

How Long Are The Sessions? 

Sessions are 1 Hour in Length. 


How Can I Purchase Tickets? 

Tickets can only be purchased online.

We do NOT accept walk-in customers. 

Is There A Place To Sit & Eat A Packed Lunch? 

Yes. We have a pond with picnic tables located in our back field. It is a short walk. Plenty of space to relax and unwind before or after your snuggle session. We also offer lunchables, Crustables and a variety of drinks in our farm stand. 

What Is The Cost Per Session?

Cost is $20per person.

The price for children and adults is the same. The cost helps us pay for the goats care: feed (grain and hay), helps us keep our goats healthy with up-to-date vaccinations, medical bills and hoof trims. 

Do Goats Bite? 

We have baby goats. They can nip but will never nip to hurt you on purpose. You will be required to sign a waiver upon arrival. Animals are unpredictable. Babies usually never mean any harm to anyone but their nips can hurt.

Do You Have Long Hair?

We ask that if you have long hair, you please put it up in a bun. Baby goats love to nibble on long hair. We do not know why but they love it. If you do not want them nibbling on your hair, you can put it up in a messy bun...just enough for them to not be tempted to nibble on it. 


What Should I Wear On The Farm? 

  • Clothes that can be dirtied.

  • Clothes that you do not mind getting stained.

  • NO OPEN TOED SHOES. You will not be allowed inside the goats area if we can see toes. 

Be Respectful. 

We expect everyone to be respectful to us AND to our animals. There are rules put into place for your safety and for the safety of our animals.

Please Follow The Rules:

We ask that adults please adhere to the rules WITH their children. Children will be politely prompted to listen to our rules. Rules are put in place for everyone's safety.

Do You Have More Questions? 


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