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Anawan Farm CSA Workshare Program 2022 

This year, due to COVID-19, we have a SMALL number of rotating slots available for Anawan Farm CSA Workshare program. Work 4 hours per week on the farm to earn plenty for a  family of four to take home. A 4 week minimum commitment is required.



Don't like heat? We have a volunteer option for you! WORKSHARES CAN BEGIN AS EARLY AS MARCH. Seeding trays, cleaning & prepping the greenhouse, maintaining the greenhouse, and a few other tasks needing completion during this time might be just the right option for you. The farm stand opens in June but this means, you can earn a full summers worth of veggies before the heat begins. 

You may earn your 4 weeks in spring and pick up weekly in summer OR work weekly in summer and pick up until mid-September. Your 4 weeks can be retroactive. Meaning you must work the 4 weeks but you will earn 4 weeks while working. We want to encourage anyone who can volunteer in the spring time to do so. Our seeding schedule becomes quite hectic and needs a few extras to help with watering, seeding and seedling care. The farm also goes from its spring into summer transformation in April, May and June.

We are generous with our shares and want to encourage community involvement. All program attendees have the benefit of attending our farm workshops (pickling, canning, recipes, seeding, etc) for free. There are also chances during the summer to attend other farm events with us depending on our availability. We try to match your skills as appropriately as possible to the jobs we have on the farm. Often, we really need to keep our weed suppression down by weeding. Weeding is one of, if not, THE most important job on the farm. Plants are healthier and grow faster without weeds!


All applicants are considered on a first come, first serve basis. If you are not chosen, please feel free to purchase veggies at our tented farm stand.


We try to be as supportive to our community as possible. We have several workshare returnees from last year. We encourage applicants to apply ASAP and if you have friends interested, by all means share this link with them!!!!

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