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We are a small family run fifth generation farm. Generationally, we specialized in vegetables. We have, for the past several years offered veggies and flowers. However, the farm, as of 2022, has been in transition to become strictly a upick farm. We will continue growing our infamous sunflowers and zinnia's in 2024 along with focusing on pruning our 300 blueberry bush yearlings. They are scheduled for picking, pending all goes well, by 2026. At some point in the near future the farm will also offer upick strawberries and potentially other upick items as well.

Flowers are available at the farm stand mid-July to September. If the weather cooperates, then we MIGHT have sunflowers into October. If upick is not for you, then you may stop by the farm stand for a bunch of precut bouquets offered with and without a vase. Price ranging from $10-$25. Keep an eye out on Facebook or Instagram for weekly in-season floral specials.

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Welcome to Anawan Farm, where we provide a unique experience during your visit. We are a family farm that operates with the utmost care and attention to detail, ensuring that our animals and crops are well-cared for. During your visit, we hope to give you a glimpse into what it takes to own and operate a successful family farm.



    • Offer nutritious options through our farmstand. While we are not placing our focus on growing our own vegetables, we still value the extremely hard work of what it takes to grow, maintain and provide healthy food in our community.We will buy produce solely from farms and offer products created in New England. We offer items from other farms in hopes that our community knows and understands that farms do exist within their reach. 

    • To collaborate with surrounding local farms & offer a wide variety of vegetables & other produce/specialty items. Collaboration helps our community understand that it really does take a village to grow a variety of locally sourced produce & products.

  2. EVENTS:

    • Simply put. Events allow people to gather, spend time together & inevitably create community. If you have a party, rustic farm wedding, or special occasion, we can host it for you. Our pricing is extremely reasonable compared to other local venues.


    • We offer a fabulous opportunity on our farm where you can sign up as a "workshare". Workshares learn all about the different aspects of farming, working 4hours to earn a weekly full share.


We are always interested in lots of different ways to promote community whether it be through food workshops, recipe sharing, fall, winter and spring craft workshops, or running our work-share program throughout the summer and fall. We are also, if time permits, very open to holding community fundraisers for local established groups.


If you have any ideas you would like to share with our farm or have a collaboration in mind, please contact us!

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