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Saturday, April 18, 2020

To Our Loyal and Extremely Valued Customers, 

This year has been and will continue to be a challenging year for all of America, and the world. We are committed to providing responsibly grown vegetables and flowers on Anawan Farm. We have made several changes to our 2020 plan, to help accommodate our community and surrounding communities. 


Although I worked extremely hard to obtain my organic certification in 2019, I have decided to postpone my certification. We were planning on focusing on growing more flowers this year which is why I decided to forgo my certification. However, this pandemic had another idea in store. Anawan Farm is still committed to growing our vegetables responsibly. This means, growing pesticide, herbicide and fungicide free, as we always have. 


We are implementing a safe plan for our farmstand. Once our farmstand is up and running, we are expecting everyone to follow the USDA regulations:

  • Respect each others space

  • Touch only what you are buying

  • Use paper bags we provide (Reusable bags are BANNED right now.)

  • Please wear a mask. 


BOOK YOUR U-PICK SESSION ONLINE! We will be selling our beautiful sunflowers, zinnia's and bouquets in vases at the farm stand this year. We have implemented an online booking system which allows families to pick safely, one family at a time, via 15 minute increments. We highly advise that you book in advance. You can book now FOR JULY-SEPTEMBER. 
You can check out this online booking service here. 


YOU CAN ORDER ONLINE, CHOOSE PICK-UP OR DELIVERY STARTING END OF JUNE 2020. We are delivering within a 25mile radius. You will have to check google maps to see if you qualify for the 25mile radius from our address at 70 Anawan Street, Rehoboth Massachusetts. We will also have a limited amount of offerings at the farm stand in Spring which will increase during the summertime as usual. Click here for more information.

We hope that you and your family are doing well, or as well as can be, under the current circumstances. Let's all work together, be understanding of one another, and show others we will come out of this pandemic stronger than before.


Our prices this year will not increase from last year. We are looking forward to the upcoming season no matter what challenges it brings. We are grateful that adaptation is one of humanities many strengths.

Much Love To Our Anawan Farm Customers, Friends and Family.

-The Anawan Farm Family

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