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$20 Per Person  (age 2+)

Free: Children under 2


Each session is held in our goat area and will last one hour. Snuggles are held inside the barn during rain or utilizing fans during extreme heat. You will have the opportunity to hold, hug, and snuggle our goats! You will also be given a small container of feed that will allow you to hand-feed the goats and ducks. We have two guinea pigs also available for lots of supervised lovin'.


How to dress:
We recommend dressing accordingly. You will be on a farm. We will not, under any circumstance, allow open-toed shoes in our barn or the goat pen. You must wear closed-toed shoes. Please wear clothing that can be potentially stained. 



We have a variety of drinks, lunchables, uncrustables, and other light snacks available. You may bring your own lunch as well. A short walk on our path will take you to the picnic area on the farm where you can eat your lunch or take a break. 



We are VERY strict about trash on our farm. Your trash is not wanted. We expect adults to teach their children to be responsible enough to throw out their garbage. 



You will park in the "PARKING" area at 74 Anawan Street. There is a red tinned roof farm stand. Please park on the wood-chipped area. Wood chips are free parking material for the farm. They are perfectly fine to park on. 

Goat Snuggles THU 7/04 @10AM


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